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I must apologize to all of you for the lack of content being made available on our website recently. I’ve been working hard and have completely forgotten to post anything here. It has almost been two months since and update and I am sorry. Currently there are a few projects on my plate. Firstly (of course) we have the Believe Something Better Commentary Series. I am currently working on the Commentary on First John and it hope to move onto Second John soon. This is taking a lot of work and I am having to put a lot of effort into it. It has taken most of my focus recently.

Second I am putting more feelers out for the ESB Project (if you don’t know what that is you can read about it on this post). We are still looking for anyone and everyone who would like to help with this project in any way. You can e-mail us at Contact@BelieveBetterMinistries.com. Even if you just have questions about the project you can e-mail us.

Third the book of poems, which was talked about here, is actually starting to look as though it will be ready for publish soon. We have been putting a lot of work into the book and are getting ready to launch it. We hope you will enjoy it.

Finally I’ve been continuing the prayer challenge for the year and took a picture which I forgot to post on Sunday. Sunday was the 290th day of 2016 so I wanted to post a picture with my checklist and prayer journal. Here it is: 20161016_154653
That is what I’ve been spending a lot of time focused on prayer and my Bible recently. I hope to have an update soon. Keep your eyes peeled!


Psalms by RB 40

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A Praise of Thanksgiving

O LORD, my God
Words escape their usage in my thankfulness

My prayers I lift up
Your answer always comes back

My needs are before You
Always You provide

LORD, in Your deeds and in Your actions
I am both humbled and awed

O God, my Father
My Teacher who shows me the Way

You have lifted me up out of the mire
Without You I would be lost, drowning

Father I am so thankful for You
There are no words that can say it

O God, my Lord Jesus
My Savior who gave Yourself, totally, for all sin

Through Your sacrifice on the cross
I am able to have a relationship with You

I am completely full of thanks
LORD GOD, I over flow with thanks to You

O God, Holy Spirit
My Helper who dwells inside of me

Through You I am able to know my God
You opened my heart You, bringing about this relationship

O LORD, my God,
I cannot fully express my thankfulness for You

Blessed be the LORD, my God
Now and Forever, Amen.

Psalms by RB 39

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A Praise for Provision

The LORD is my provider
On Him shall I wait

In the midst of turmoil
I will call upon his name

When I am in need
I will call upon the LORD

For it is He who has made the greatest provision already
The Lord Jesus sacrificed Himself for my sin

If I trust Him with this
Why should I not trust Him with all my needs?

The LORD is my provider
To Him do I look

I call out to Him
In a time of need I raise my voice

I wait on Him
In His own time He answers His servant

God is good
He is faithful

The LORD has provided
To Him do I give thanks

Psalms by RB 38

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A Praise for Redemption

I shout the praise of the LORD GOD,
He is my protector, my redeemer

My righteousness is as dirty rags
My best is completely worthless

I am redeemed not by my own filth
But through the LORD’S mercy

He has anointed me with His own blood
Covered me with His own righteousness

For this I shout His praise
Because He has done it I worship Him

What can I do other than this?
What merit do I have but to serve the LORD?

With all my heart I serve Him
With all my strength I love Him

My heart cries out:
“God, Your are my God
And I will ever praise You!”

Psalms by RB 37

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A Praise for a New Beginning

LORD how great you are!
New beginnings are brought about in You

LORD as I come to this new year
I praise You completely

I shout Your praise from the Mountain
For the sacrifice of Your Son

I sing Your praise in the Midst of the Congregation
For Your Word and Your deeds

I boldly speak Your praise before my enemies
For Your steadfast love never ceases

Jesus, Your sacrifice for us
Brings about the regeneration of my life

Your Word and deeds in my life
Regenerates my mind

LORD, my thankfulness extends far beyond these
I sing Your praise for so many reasons

LORD, Your regeneration washes me
New beginnings flourish in a relationship with You

Not just the beginning of the year
But every morning I awake is a new beginning with You

God this is my Thankfulness
This is where my praise originates

Psalms by RB 36

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Praise God from whom all blessings flow
Sing to him who is the wellspring of love

Praise Him all creatures here below
Bring a shout all the creatures of the earth

Praise Him above you heavenly hosts
Lead us in His worship

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Shout your praise to the three in one, triune God

Book 1 of “Psalms by RB”

Well we have some exciting news in the works. All the poems that have been being published on this website under the title “Psalms by RB” are going to be published and available for purchase on the Kindle soon! We have capped Book 1 at 40 Poems (all of which are finished and going through light editing). Over the next few days the last five Psalms will be published here and you can look forward to seeing them on the Kindle in the next few months.

This is the first publication to come out from Believe Better Ministries and we are excited and looking forward to it. Keep checking in here over the next few months to and we will announce when the book will be launched. The title of the book is Psalms by RB Book 1 and you can look forward to reading it on your kindle or smart device with a kindle app.

Psalms by RB 35

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A Psalm of Thanksgiving

O LORD, my God, thankfulness springs from me
I am full of nothing than it

When I am in the midst of joy
I am thankful for Your blessings in my life

When I am in the midst of trials
I am thankful for Your interest in my growth

LORD, I am thankful in ever circumstance
Whether peace or anguish I am thankful for You

Jesus, You wanted me
You came to earth to give Your life for me

What response am I to give to you?
What I am I to do?

LORD, I have but one response
There is only one way I can act

With thankfulness I worship You
With a thankful heart I praise You

Jesus, my Lord, my God
I am thankful for Your sacrifice

My Lord, in the darkness I am thankful
When I am surrounded by evil I am thankful

You have been my help
You have been my refuge

Jesus, in You I take my rest
For You paid my ransom in full

LORD, I am thankful in all situations
No matter the circumstances I am grateful
to You

Father, Abba, my God, Thank You
Jesus, Savior, my God, Thank You
Holy Spirit, Helper, my God, Thank You

O LORD, my praise rings out clearly
My heart sings my thankfulness to Your Name

I life my voice and shout Your praise
My thankfulness is on my lips in worship

Jesus, even in the very midst of my turmoil
I sing out my thankfulness to You

LORD GOD, when I struggle before You
My thankfulness shall never cease

Father, You saved me out of my circumstances
And, LORD, I am full of thankfulness for it

What else can my heart be
But thankful to You?

You are in control of all things
Nothing is out of Your grasp

LORD, I take my rest in Your hand
For You are in control of ever situation

My thankfulness abounds at all times
For my soul is at rest in Your control

LORD, my thankfulness is abundant
But I ask You would turn it to action

LORD, turn my thankfulness to action
Make my response to You be to follow Your commandments

LORD allow my thankful heart
to lead me in your ways

Do not let my thankfulness be emptiness
Allow it to be usefulness for You

LORD, my thankfulness causes me to run after You
I strive after You, seeking you always

Father, Abba, my God, Thank You
Jesus, Savior, my God, Thank You
Holy Spirit, Helper, my God, Thank You

Psalms by RB 34

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O God, my eyes are fixed on You
You are my goal and destination

LORD, You work in my life every day
You are present every single moment

Lord Jesus, You have done so much
You have done more for me than I can express

Your sacrifice for me means so much
You gave Your life for me!

So, LORD, what can I do but worship You?
What can I do but fall prostrate before You?

LORD, with Your strength I can do this
With Your help I will do this every moment

Psalms by RB 33

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Jesus make me alert to Your coming
Prepare my heart for Your return

LORD, I look for You
Jesus, I wait for You,

LORD, my God, I know not the time
But I wait with all preparedness

I wish to be prepared for Your appearing
To be found awake when You return

LORD JESUS, I want You
Help me to be prepared!