Psalms by RB 37

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A Praise for a New Beginning

LORD how great you are!
New beginnings are brought about in You

LORD as I come to this new year
I praise You completely

I shout Your praise from the Mountain
For the sacrifice of Your Son

I sing Your praise in the Midst of the Congregation
For Your Word and Your deeds

I boldly speak Your praise before my enemies
For Your steadfast love never ceases

Jesus, Your sacrifice for us
Brings about the regeneration of my life

Your Word and deeds in my life
Regenerates my mind

LORD, my thankfulness extends far beyond these
I sing Your praise for so many reasons

LORD, Your regeneration washes me
New beginnings flourish in a relationship with You

Not just the beginning of the year
But every morning I awake is a new beginning with You

God this is my Thankfulness
This is where my praise originates

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