Psalms by RB 35

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A Psalm of Thanksgiving

O LORD, my God, thankfulness springs from me
I am full of nothing than it

When I am in the midst of joy
I am thankful for Your blessings in my life

When I am in the midst of trials
I am thankful for Your interest in my growth

LORD, I am thankful in ever circumstance
Whether peace or anguish I am thankful for You

Jesus, You wanted me
You came to earth to give Your life for me

What response am I to give to you?
What I am I to do?

LORD, I have but one response
There is only one way I can act

With thankfulness I worship You
With a thankful heart I praise You

Jesus, my Lord, my God
I am thankful for Your sacrifice

My Lord, in the darkness I am thankful
When I am surrounded by evil I am thankful

You have been my help
You have been my refuge

Jesus, in You I take my rest
For You paid my ransom in full

LORD, I am thankful in all situations
No matter the circumstances I am grateful
to You

Father, Abba, my God, Thank You
Jesus, Savior, my God, Thank You
Holy Spirit, Helper, my God, Thank You

O LORD, my praise rings out clearly
My heart sings my thankfulness to Your Name

I life my voice and shout Your praise
My thankfulness is on my lips in worship

Jesus, even in the very midst of my turmoil
I sing out my thankfulness to You

LORD GOD, when I struggle before You
My thankfulness shall never cease

Father, You saved me out of my circumstances
And, LORD, I am full of thankfulness for it

What else can my heart be
But thankful to You?

You are in control of all things
Nothing is out of Your grasp

LORD, I take my rest in Your hand
For You are in control of ever situation

My thankfulness abounds at all times
For my soul is at rest in Your control

LORD, my thankfulness is abundant
But I ask You would turn it to action

LORD, turn my thankfulness to action
Make my response to You be to follow Your commandments

LORD allow my thankful heart
to lead me in your ways

Do not let my thankfulness be emptiness
Allow it to be usefulness for You

LORD, my thankfulness causes me to run after You
I strive after You, seeking you always

Father, Abba, my God, Thank You
Jesus, Savior, my God, Thank You
Holy Spirit, Helper, my God, Thank You

Psalms by RB 34

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O God, my eyes are fixed on You
You are my goal and destination

LORD, You work in my life every day
You are present every single moment

Lord Jesus, You have done so much
You have done more for me than I can express

Your sacrifice for me means so much
You gave Your life for me!

So, LORD, what can I do but worship You?
What can I do but fall prostrate before You?

LORD, with Your strength I can do this
With Your help I will do this every moment

Epistle to the 21st Century Church

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Epistle to the 21st Century Church

A letter written to the Church sent from a servant of the LORD Jesus Christ; who is His Son.

Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.

First let me tell you that if any one of you, my Brethren, find any fault, error or wrong thing in this letter discard it immediately for it is not of the LORD. But if you find that my writings are good and in harmony with the Word of God than heed them.

Now, Brethren, we have fallen away from the things that are of Christ and turned to the things of men. If any of you cannot quote to me John 3:16 than you must be a new believer; and for the new believer I will quote it here:

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

John 3:16 (KJV)

Brethren think clearly, there is no qualifier presented, not even in the verses following. Do you believe me? Look it up for yourself. The Apostle Paul knew this and wrote of it in his Epistle to the Church at Ephesus. In this letter Paul told them (and through this letter us) that they were saved by grace alone not by works of the Law (Eph 2:8–9).

Brethren, if in His Word God tells us that no works gain our salvation why have we placed ourselves under the Law again? Such things the Jews tried to do before, and the Apostles spoke very clearly about this. The leaders of the churches – the Priests, Pastors and Elders – are supposed to be knowledgeable of the Word of God, why do they then not lead you to understanding of how you have become saved?

Peter, the Apostle who led the other Apostles, spoke on this when it was brought before him. He rebuked them asking why they were placing a yoke upon the Gentiles that no Jew has ever been able to bear. He then reminded them that through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ we are saved (Acts 15:7–11).

This rebuke was meant for all men who placed the Law on the believer – the Christian. Brethren if my salvation rested on my own shoulders and I died tomorrow I world go to Hell because I am not worthy. I am a decrepit servant who does not even deserve to work for his Master let alone be given grace by Him, but yet I am saved by the blood of Christ. I pray that my words will be heard by you that you will no longer carry a yoke on your shoulders.

Even Paul, who could count himself perfect, did not count his works as salvation, but counted them as loss for the sake of Christ. In his Epistles to the Philippians he said that if anyone has the ability to have confidence in their flesh Paul does. Then he lists his qualifications but follows this list saying that none of them can help him because these qualities are worthless when compared to knowing Christ Jesus (Phil 3:2–8). Paul’s qualifications are impressive, even amazing, he could count himself blameless before the Law. Again I say to you he still counted these qualities as worthless!

Paul was very clear on this in his exhortations to the churches and men that he had left behind him on his missionary journeys. He preached the gospel of grace and he wanted all men to know that anyone who tried to put the Law over them should not be listened to. He went so far as to curse anyone (including himself and angels) who preached a gospel contrary to what Paul preached (Gal 1:8). Because when it comes down to the end anyone who preaches contrary to Paul is saying God’s way is not good enough. So are you willing to say that God’s plan is not good enough?

God told Paul that His grace was sufficient enough (2Cor 12:9) and if His grace was sufficient enough for Paul who was the foremost (or greatest) of sinners (1Tim 1:15) than why is His grace insufficient for you? But I do exhort you as Paul did that we should not sin against God. For just as Jesus told the Adulterous Woman “Go and sin no more” (Jn 8:11) we must strive to do the same and bear fruit. For what is faith? Faith is not just sitting on your hands doing nothing but faith is believing in something, and belief is a word of action. Just as James said faith without action is dead (Jas 2:26). So in our faith must we have action that goes along with it.

What is this action? It is the love that we are commanded to perform. We are to love God and love our neighbors as ourselves (Matt 22:37-39). If you truly love other as yourself than how will you sin against God? This is the truth and heart of the Gospel: Not following the Law (for the Law itself places a curse on the person who does not complete all items in the Law – Deut 27:26; Gal 3:10), but rather following the love. Our example in this is our God, Himself. He gave Himself – all of Himself – so that we could be with Him; offering Himself as sacrifice so that He could give limitless grace to us. That is our example on how to love and how to live.

So do not forget that you are not under the Law, but also don’t forget that this does not allow you to be lawless. So I end this letter to the Body of Christ with Christ’s own words which He sent to Ephesus: “Return to your first love” (Rev 2:4-5).

Finally brothers do not forget to take care of one another in love, not just spiritually but if there is a physical need take care of this need as well. My prayers are with you always and may the Lord Jesus the Son of God and the Christ rain down his peace on your heads.

Psalms by RB 33

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Jesus make me alert to Your coming
Prepare my heart for Your return

LORD, I look for You
Jesus, I wait for You,

LORD, my God, I know not the time
But I wait with all preparedness

I wish to be prepared for Your appearing
To be found awake when You return

LORD JESUS, I want You
Help me to be prepared!

Psalms by RB 32

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O God, You are my God,
I sing praise to Your holy name,

You are my Lord,
I will sing Your praise

When I wake in the morning,
Your praise shall be on my lips,

When I rest at mid day,
Your praise shall be on my tongue,

When I sit for the evening meal,
I will life my voice to praise You,

When I lay on my bed at night,
I shall praise You in the darkness,

You are my Lord,
I will sing Your praise

LORD, I will sing Your praise at all times,
My God what else can I do?

Who deserves my praise more than You?
What is there to worship other than You?

LORD, I offer all myself as sacrifice
My whole self to worship You,

You are my Lord,
I will sing Your praise

Father, I worship You
You are my God,

Jesus I worship You
You are my God,

Spirit I worship You
You are my God,

LORD, I will worship You at all times,
I will sing Your worship all the days of my life.

A New Year’s Thought – 2016

2016 is upon us. A lot has happened to me over this last year. I have changed some goals in my life and made some important new ones, but really my thoughts at the New Year always turn to the past. I said the same thing last year. “Is the year really over?” I think to myself. Yes it is and I should glorify God in that not complain how fast the time is starting to go. Time speeds up as you get older because so much more of it is already in the past, but the Lord knows this and takes us through it.

We should be looking forward to His glorious return! That is where our eyes should be fixed. Maybe this year, maybe this very month or maybe, even, today He will return. This is where our focus should be. Otherwise the Lord said that the day shall come as a thief in the night. To that end I want to keep my focus not only on the future but on God. I want every iota of my focus on God throughout the whole day, every day.

A friend of mine challenged me with something that is apparently going around the Christian Blogosphere: “The 365 Prayer Challenge”. (For 2016 that will have to be “The 366 Prayer Challenge”.) The challenge is one that no blogger would misunderstand write 365 (or 366 this year) prayers out. One for each day. At the end of the year post them in either a PDF or some other downloadable format, or straight to the blog. This challenge is to keep your focus on God throughout the whole year of 2016.

I want to do it. I want to keep my focus on God 24/7/366 for the year of 2016. I am also challenging you out there in the Blogosphere and Podosphere. Write down a prayer every day, there is no length requirements, just pray. I will be posting mine as a PDF attached to my New Year’s thought for 2017.

Let’s make 2016 the year of Prayer!