Statement of Faith

Before we put forth our Statement of Faith we want to clarify that we are not part of any denomination, creed, or ideology. We simply follow the Lord and the teachings of the Bible as far as they have been revealed to us. We are not a follower of religion but simply believe in God as revealed in the Bible. To that end we have would like to put this quote before you:

“Religion is humanity trying to reach God;
The Gospel is God reaching to humanity.”


Statement of Faith:

We at Believe Better Ministries believe:

  1. That there is one Triune God (three persons in one God): the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  2. That the Father is fully God and the first person of the Godhead (in order of revelation not seniority), and that His true nature was revealed through Jesus’ ministry here on the earth.
  3. That Jesus is fully God and fully Man the second person of the Godhead (God the Son); That He physically came to earth in the virgin birth; That He lived a sinless life according to the Law (Genesis – Deuteronomy); That he went to the Cross and gave His life completely for the whole world; That He physically rose from the dead on the third day that we may have life.
  4. That the Holy Spirit is fully God and is the third person of the Godhead (God the Holy Spirit) and He was revealed by Jesus to the Disciples before Jesus went to the Cross.
  5. That the Bible is the inerrant Word of God which He inspired (and in some cases directly revealed) to the Human authors. (We believe in the 66 Books of the Protestant Bible as true Scripture, and view the Deuterocanon of Orthodox Beliefs (Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and Others) to not be scripture, but to be (in some cases) stories that can point one to God.)
  6. That the only way to salvation is the Grace that is received through Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ not by any works that we may possibly do.
  7. In the Universal Priesthood of All Believers, that no believer is greater than another but that all have been called to serve the Body of Christ (the Church as a whole, not individual creeds, denominations, ideologies, or any other difference but all meetings of believers in Christ) with the gifts that they have been granted, that every believer has the right to teach, shepherd (pastor), minister, serve (as a deacon), and lead to the best of their ability according to how the Lord has called them.
  8. That the highest calling on a person’s life is to have relationships. A relationship with God and a relationship with our fellow Believers. This is stated clearly and concisely throughout the New Testament and is even put in the form of a Commandment several times. (John 13:34; 15:12,17; 1 John 3:25) as well as shown that we cannot relate to God by any other means (1 John 4:7–12). Our highest calling: Love.
  9. That believers are called to meet with one another in meetings and serve each other (the day of the meeting does not matter whether it is Sunday, Wednesday, or any other day).
  10. That though we are saved by Grace through Faith alone, we are called to do good works and these good works are the out pouring, or fruit, of God living in us and though they are not required for faith they are the response of an active God in us.