Psalms by RB 27

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Bless the LORD,
All you who believe,

He is our Father,
Above and great than any other,

He is our brother,
Above and greater than any other,

Our God is great,
Nothing compares with Him,

He saved us through His Son,
The Lord Jesus Christ gave his life for us,

Worship the LORD with all your heart,
Praise Him with all your voice,

The LORD is strong and merciful,
He is our great and wonderful God,

Psalms by RB 26

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O LORD, heal my heart,
Remove from my heart all my iniquity,

Father, I come before You,
I confess my with my tongue my wrongs,

Thank You for Your anointing blood,
Thank You for the cleansing of my sin,

Lord Jesus, You paid the price,
You took my sin on Your shoulders,

I will forever praise You,
I will worship You without ceasing,

Psalms by RB 25

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O LORD, I lift up my circumstances to You,
You, who are in control of all things,

LORD, in my darkest hour, You are near,
In my happiest moment, You are near,

Now, LORD, I lift up this struggle,
Your steadfast love will see me through,

My LORD, my God, I don’t feel Your presence
O LORD, the God of my fathers, I can’t see your face,

Lift me out of the quake,
Put my feet on the firm foundation,

LORD, to you do I cling,
On You will I always place my trust,

LORD, in darkest hour I will praise You,
In the very midst of my despair I will worship You.

Psalms by RB 24

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My God stands above all things,
What can compare with Him?

The heavens point to His glory,
The earth reveals His greatness,

He stands above all,
Nothing is His equal,

The LORD, my God, is awesome,
The words of my tongue fall short,

In His grace I wish to abide,
Nowhere else can I reside,

I call out to Him,
His answer is swift,

His love encompasses my soul,
My God has no equal,

Psalms by RB 23

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O Father, my Lord, my God,
O Jesus, my Master, my Savior
O Spirit, my Overseer, my Uplifter,

How great is Your impression on me,
I wish to follow You at all times,
I wish to worship You without ceasing,

My Lord, my God, You are great,
Above everything is Your greatness,
Nothing can compare with You,

LORD, I seek You out,
I look for You at all times,
Without ceasing I search for Your heart,

Oh my God: Father, Son, Spirit,
I Praise You, LORD,
I worship You, God,

Father, Son, Spirit, three in one,
I worship You,
I sing praise to the triune God,