Psalms by RB 4

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Place your praise on your lips
That you may think of God always
And do not think of the things that are past
But the things that are off a ways

For God has removed your past
He has placed His blood on it
And it has been washed
Clean from all sin and saved from the pit

God’s love is everlasting
There is no way that it can be lost
The LORD loves with no ending
There is no stepping away from Him

Look on the LORD and sing
Lift up your joy with your voice
Show your love for Him with great singing
Praise him with every choice

John: John the Baptist’s Final Testimony (3:22-36)

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Part 8: John the Baptist’s Final Testimony (3:22-36)

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Jesus now leaves Jerusalem and heads out into the “Judean countryside”. Here in this little prelude we see Jesus and John the Baptist being compared to each other. This isn’t the negative comparison that world does, but rather it is a comparison of just the facts. Then we come to verse twenty-four and we get a preview of things to come. It tells us that John wasn’t in jail yet.

From this we shift the scene just to John and his disciples. An argument arises between one of his disciples and the Jews about purification, or the purpose of baptism. It is right here in verse twenty-six where the comparison really starts. This comparison is started or stated in a negative way. “Everyone is going to Him instead of us.” This is almost a complaint on the part of John’s disciple. Can’t you feel the thought going through the man’s head and hear his winy tone of voice? He’s thinking to himself: “If you’re really from God as you say you are then why is everyone going to Jesus rather than coming to us?”

John jumps at this question without even flinching. He starts off telling them that anything that anyone has is directly from God. This really is a call for them to wake up and start thinking. From here John again points out that he is not the Messiah and jumps into a beautiful metaphor for his and Jesus’ ministries and how they complement each other. His metaphor of a groom and best man eloquently articulates this point.

The idea here is that a man will pick his best friend to be his best man at his wedding. This best friend is full of joy for his friend’s wedding. How could he not be? The next statement is because Jesus “has come to His wedding” the best man has to step out of the spotlight and allow the groom to take the spotlight. This is natural in its flow. Of course the best man must step out of the spotlight to allow the wedding to proceed. If the best man stole the spotlight would he really be the best man or rather an opponent?

John the Baptist moves her from his metaphor of marriage, or a wedding, onto telling what he means. John makes a statement about Jesus twice, here, but only makes the statement about himself once. “The one who come from above is above all,” he says about Jesus, but the one from the earth (John, himself) can only speak of earthly things. Then John goes on to restate what he had said about Jesus, but this time pointing toward heaven rather than just “above”. John deals with Jesus’ testimony next.

Here John echoes Jesus’ words from earlier in the chapter (verse 11). He starts moving into a grand statement about not only Jesus’ ministry, but who Jesus is, exactly. “The one who does accept His words,” this person will put all of themselves “on the line for this one thing: that God is truth, completely and totally.” This statement points out what we have to do to really say we believe in Jesus. We have to believe “that God is true.” (ESV) If you stop and truly think about this statement you see: How can it be any other way? How can you believe in something that you think is a lie?

John moves onto material that Jesus, Himself, covers later (Chapter 5). John succinctly gives his explanation of who Jesus is. This is how Chapter 3 closes. It started with grand, eloquent statements made by the Son of God and it is ended with statements of the authority of the Son. “The Father loves the son so much that He put everything under the Son’s control.” The WEB translates this verse “The Father loves the Son and has given all things into his hand.”

The final remarks of John the Baptist in this chapter reflect Jesus’ own in verse 18. This allows us to see the unity across teaching. So it comes down to one question at the end of this chapter: Do you believe in the Son of God, Jesus, or not?

Psalms by RB 3

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A Psalm of Thankfulness and Praise

Fear not the LORD with trembling and woe
For He is merciful unto us
Praise Him for the wonders He shows
And the expectations He has surpassed

Exclusively do we praise one God
Whom is in three parts
Father, Spirit, Son all are one
This is the God we praise

He formed and made us, each
Special are we in His sight
But we do not know how He can see
One of many in such a big world

Thank the LORD for his grace
For He does not give it on our terms
But on the terms that He set in place
Thank Him for His grace we cannot earn

Psalms by RB 2

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The only hope of man is God
For without Him there is no life
Man is worthless, this is understood
For all that is in him is strife

Man sees not his own sin
Unless one of his peers points it out
For man fools himself with falseness
And puts untruths in his mind

God clears all from the past and future
He shows us our own blunders
He takes care of our sin and nature
He does not let us get torn asunder

He takes care of us
So that we may know His love
There is only one way to not be useless
To accept Jesus Christ as a savior

God put forth His Son
For us specifically
That we may understand
The wonders of His abilities

God takes care of us in ways we know not
He puts forth His love that we may be
With Him when the last days are brought
Then we will see Him fully

Praise the LORD with all your strength
For none can stand against Him
Praise the LORD with all that you are
For none can save you eternally but Him

Gospel of John and Poetry

With this blog being a ministerial platform for me (Ray B. May IV) I am going to change things up a bit. Instead of having the Table of Contents of my commentary/teaching on the Gospel of John as a featured article at the top of the Blog Roll I am going to have that as a separate page that you can go to and it will be linked to all the portions of the teaching.

Another page that I am adding is a list of Poems that I will be adding. I am writing poetry now as well. If you like it, great!; if not feel free to ignore it. I am calling the project “Psalms by RB” and the page will have a link to each blog post that contains one of the these Psalms/Poems. I hope that you enjoy them.

Psalms by RB 1

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A Psalm about the LORD Jesus Christ

A man walked out under the sky
A man noble and powerful
A man who is held high

He was not the most beautiful
But He is the one who is in the hearts of many
For He is very wonderful

Though the things He did were many
Accomplished in only three years
Someday all shall bend their knee

But this will was not His own
But that of the Father
That He would tear

The wall between God and others
So we could be in fellowship
With God and the brothers

God sent His son to Earth
So here he came
In a virgin birth

When here a man He became
To save all from fate worse than death
But all will not hear the reason He came

Or the reason He gave his last breath
His thoughts were not of Himself
But His love is for you

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