89 Days of Prayer (Prayer Challenge Update)

So in my New Years Thought I talked about how I had been challenged to a 366 Day Prayer Challenge. I wanted to post an update on that now that we’re almost 3 months in. I’ve accomplished 89 continuous days of prayer. Now as stated in my previous post, this prayers written down, and so I’ve written down 89 prayers.

I will leave you with the picture of my checklist.


Easter Thought – 2016

Every year as we approach Easter I feel a sense of awe filling my heart. For so many Christmas is the “Holiday Season” or the “Season of Joy” but for me (someone who did not grow up celebrating Christmas) Easter was always more special than Christmas. Yes I know of the pagan origins of Easter and how it was moved to coincide with the resurrection, but I also know my Lord was resurrected and tradition tells me it was on this day.

We get so caught up in traditions, though, we forget this simple fact. We forget to celebrate the greatness of the day. Sure many of us go to an Easter service and listen to a sermon about the importance of His resurrection, but do we really take a step back and look at it? Do we really celebrate the wondrous meaning of Jesus’ resurrection? Jesus died for our sin, once and for all. He died for all sin yesterday, today and tomorrow. All the sin of the all the world is blotted it out by Jesus’ blood. That is an amazing and gracious thing He did for us. Now, though, Jesus rose from the dead to go to the Father so we may also go to the Father and live eternally with Him.

Drink this in for a moment.

Jesus not only gave His life for us; He rose so we may have life! Every time I start to think of the events of this time I’m speechless. The scourging, beating, and then being hung on the cross – the worst way to be killed in history – all of this and why? So He could cover our sins with His blood and then rise again to take us home to be with Him forever. Who can say they love you more than this? Who would totally give their lives in the most painful way possible in order to secure your eternal destiny?

When you really look at the end of Jesus earthly life how can you not cry for joy or feel the complete love God feels for you? God came here to earth in the form of Jesus not just to teach us a new law or make a new covenant with us, but to give Himself in our place!

Focus on this during Easter this year, not the traditions or other things we, as humans, have added into celebrating the Lord’s resurrection, but truly celebrating His resurrection.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Psalms by RB 40

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A Praise of Thanksgiving

O LORD, my God
Words escape their usage in my thankfulness

My prayers I lift up
Your answer always comes back

My needs are before You
Always You provide

LORD, in Your deeds and in Your actions
I am both humbled and awed

O God, my Father
My Teacher who shows me the Way

You have lifted me up out of the mire
Without You I would be lost, drowning

Father I am so thankful for You
There are no words that can say it

O God, my Lord Jesus
My Savior who gave Yourself, totally, for all sin

Through Your sacrifice on the cross
I am able to have a relationship with You

I am completely full of thanks
LORD GOD, I over flow with thanks to You

O God, Holy Spirit
My Helper who dwells inside of me

Through You I am able to know my God
You opened my heart You, bringing about this relationship

O LORD, my God,
I cannot fully express my thankfulness for You

Blessed be the LORD, my God
Now and Forever, Amen.

Psalms by RB 39

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A Praise for Provision

The LORD is my provider
On Him shall I wait

In the midst of turmoil
I will call upon his name

When I am in need
I will call upon the LORD

For it is He who has made the greatest provision already
The Lord Jesus sacrificed Himself for my sin

If I trust Him with this
Why should I not trust Him with all my needs?

The LORD is my provider
To Him do I look

I call out to Him
In a time of need I raise my voice

I wait on Him
In His own time He answers His servant

God is good
He is faithful

The LORD has provided
To Him do I give thanks

Psalms by RB 38

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A Praise for Redemption

I shout the praise of the LORD GOD,
He is my protector, my redeemer

My righteousness is as dirty rags
My best is completely worthless

I am redeemed not by my own filth
But through the LORD’S mercy

He has anointed me with His own blood
Covered me with His own righteousness

For this I shout His praise
Because He has done it I worship Him

What can I do other than this?
What merit do I have but to serve the LORD?

With all my heart I serve Him
With all my strength I love Him

My heart cries out:
“God, Your are my God
And I will ever praise You!”

Psalms by RB 37

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A Praise for a New Beginning

LORD how great you are!
New beginnings are brought about in You

LORD as I come to this new year
I praise You completely

I shout Your praise from the Mountain
For the sacrifice of Your Son

I sing Your praise in the Midst of the Congregation
For Your Word and Your deeds

I boldly speak Your praise before my enemies
For Your steadfast love never ceases

Jesus, Your sacrifice for us
Brings about the regeneration of my life

Your Word and deeds in my life
Regenerates my mind

LORD, my thankfulness extends far beyond these
I sing Your praise for so many reasons

LORD, Your regeneration washes me
New beginnings flourish in a relationship with You

Not just the beginning of the year
But every morning I awake is a new beginning with You

God this is my Thankfulness
This is where my praise originates

Psalms by RB 36

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Praise God from whom all blessings flow
Sing to him who is the wellspring of love

Praise Him all creatures here below
Bring a shout all the creatures of the earth

Praise Him above you heavenly hosts
Lead us in His worship

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Shout your praise to the three in one, triune God

Book 1 of “Psalms by RB”

Well we have some exciting news in the works. All the poems that have been being published on this website under the title “Psalms by RB” are going to be published and available for purchase on the Kindle soon! We have capped Book 1 at 40 Poems (all of which are finished and going through light editing). Over the next few days the last five Psalms will be published here and you can look forward to seeing them on the Kindle in the next few months.

This is the first publication to come out from Believe Better Ministries and we are excited and looking forward to it. Keep checking in here over the next few months to and we will announce when the book will be launched. The title of the book is Psalms by RB Book 1 and you can look forward to reading it on your kindle or smart device with a kindle app.