Psalms by RB 40

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A Praise of Thanksgiving

O LORD, my God
Words escape their usage in my thankfulness

My prayers I lift up
Your answer always comes back

My needs are before You
Always You provide

LORD, in Your deeds and in Your actions
I am both humbled and awed

O God, my Father
My Teacher who shows me the Way

You have lifted me up out of the mire
Without You I would be lost, drowning

Father I am so thankful for You
There are no words that can say it

O God, my Lord Jesus
My Savior who gave Yourself, totally, for all sin

Through Your sacrifice on the cross
I am able to have a relationship with You

I am completely full of thanks
LORD GOD, I over flow with thanks to You

O God, Holy Spirit
My Helper who dwells inside of me

Through You I am able to know my God
You opened my heart You, bringing about this relationship

O LORD, my God,
I cannot fully express my thankfulness for You

Blessed be the LORD, my God
Now and Forever, Amen.

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