Psalms by RB 2

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The only hope of man is God
For without Him there is no life
Man is worthless, this is understood
For all that is in him is strife

Man sees not his own sin
Unless one of his peers points it out
For man fools himself with falseness
And puts untruths in his mind

God clears all from the past and future
He shows us our own blunders
He takes care of our sin and nature
He does not let us get torn asunder

He takes care of us
So that we may know His love
There is only one way to not be useless
To accept Jesus Christ as a savior

God put forth His Son
For us specifically
That we may understand
The wonders of His abilities

God takes care of us in ways we know not
He puts forth His love that we may be
With Him when the last days are brought
Then we will see Him fully

Praise the LORD with all your strength
For none can stand against Him
Praise the LORD with all that you are
For none can save you eternally but Him

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