Psalms by RB 12

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A Psalm of Supplication

LORD, I am asking a miracle of You,
Exert Your power and fulfill my request.

You said in Your Word a little faith can do much,
Faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains

LORD JESUS, I am not asking for something so great,
What I want is something little, Father.

Grant Your servant my request,
LORD, I believe, help my unbelief.

Psalms by RB 10

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A Psalm of Repentance

LORD GOD, my sin lies before my eyes.
My sin is in Your view.

I ask, Father, for Your forgiveness.
I seek from You forgiveness for my sin.

LORD, I whole heartedly repent.
I place everything in Your control.

I know Your grace is upon me.
I know Your blood was shed for my sin.

LORD, thank You for Your Forgiveness.
Father, thank you for Your grace.

Psalms by RB 9

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A Psalm of Wonder and Awe

LORD JESUS to You I sing,
With my voice do I worship You.

How wonderful is Your creation.
How beautiful is the work of Your hands.

The vastness of the universe is beyond me.
The size of the heavens escapes my understanding.

With the size of things, who is man?
With the greatness of You, who am I?

Who is man that You think of him?
Where is the greatness of mankind?

LORD, You are greater than the heavens
You are larger than the universe.

Yet you think of man,
My needs are in Your thoughts.

How can I not praise you?
How can my every breath not be worship?

So, LORD, help me to worship You at all times
Father give me the strength to praise You without ceasing.

Psalms by RB 8

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A Psalm of Praise

My body is weak,
My heart is frail

But I have strength beyond understanding,
I can do anything I set my mind to.

This comes not from myself,
It comes from not any part of me.

It comes from my Lord,
Directly from my God.

It enters me through faith in His Anointed One,
It comes into me through belief in His Christ.

My heart cries out for help,
And the LORD is there.

My heart praises Him at all times,
My voice sings His praises.

“LORD, I can do all things,
Because you give me strength.”